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  • Budget Crunch: Green Ways to Save $75,000 was saved by installing a program on their computers to automatically shut them down at 5:30pm daily. An additional $500,000 was saved by adjusting the temperatures in their buildings. All of these changes are free or cost very little money.
  • With its LEED® Gold certification, the Virginia Beach Convention Center (VBCC) continues to elevate the industry standard by continuing its on-going commitment to becoming as environmentally friendly as it is innovative.

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What does Earth Day Mean to Me?

By Jonathan Honchar, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Earth Day this year falls on a Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014. When our (HRGBC’s) Communication Committee Chair asked me to write an article about Earth Day, I thought that the task was a no-brainer and I could easily draft up an interesting article.  But as I dove into it, the task proved much more difficult than I originally thought. 

What does Earth Day mean to me? I’m a young professional, who works in the recycling industry, an active member and current Vice Chair of the Hampton Roads Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council, and a transplant to Hampton Roads.  The environmental industry is obviously very significant to my life and I essentially live and breathe its fundamentals on a daily basis; so I thought…What could I do for this Earth Day that is not part of my daily routine?

Then the mission of HRGBC came to mind; “Promoting Sustainable Building in Hampton Roads”.  I have decided to do just that, to share my vast knowledge of environmental conservationism and promoting sustainable building with others here in Hampton Roads and throughout the greater part of Virginia.  I will be participating in several events throughout April with different municipalities, private-companies, and colleges/universities here in Hampton Roads. For example, HRGBC is partnering with the neighboring James River Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council for an Earth Day Event at the College of William & Mary on Saturday, April 19th.  We hope to spread our wealth of knowledge on ways to live a more sustainable life, in return which will save consumers money and resources, reducing our impact on Mother Earth. The event is open to the campus community and the public, and I welcome you to stop by and join us.

I challenge every resident here in Hampton Roads, throughout Virginia, and the rest of the country to take a moment, like I did, to reflect on Earth Day. Let’s make it priority to better our global community, our planet Earth.  Every little bit counts. This can be as simple as picking up some litter along the road as you take a stroll near your home or business, or taking a second to look at the number on the bottom of a plastic container to make sure it can be recycled (remember, it’s usually only Codes #1 & #2 locally).  As you celebrate Earth Day, take a long walk outside, and reflect on the beauty and tranquility of our rivers, forests, and beaches. And when you’re tossing that litter you picked up into a trash can, think of the future generations that will walk after you, and the immense benefit of a few simple actions that we take today.

About the Author:  Jonathan Honchar is the Sales Manager for a local, Hampton Roads-based recycling company.  He is also Vice Chair of the Board for HRGBC for 2014.  Outside of his roles at HRGBC and his company, he enjoys outdoor recreation and can be found out and about on any given weekend.

Green Building News

HRGBC is 100% Carbon Neutral - HRGBC has partnered with Renewable Choice Energy to offset all of our 2013 activities. Offsetting our carbon footprint is the equivalent of not burning 7,054 pounds of coal, not driving 16,672 miles, or planting 63 mature trees.